A Real-Life Snow White

Photo courtesy of Lisa Eason

We are all familiar with the classic story tale, but have you ever actually met someone who all animals just seem to naturally migrate too? Meet Lisa Eason.

Lisa has always enjoyed taking pictures, mostly on her smartphone as her photo album holds a mere 29,000 photos! Moving to Texas on two acres with a backyard pond, Lisa has a hot spot for all sorts of wildlife. Just this past April, her husband gifted her with a Canon Rebel T-6 camera he found at a pawn shop. Little did he know this gift would make Lisa realize she had a true passion for not only animals but photography as well.


Since April of this year, Lisa has been taking beautiful pictures with zero formal training. She has taught herself through YouTube videos and backyard practice. She plans on taking a formal training but as for now she enjoys walking around her yard and capturing any wildlife she comes across. When asked what her favorite animal to photograph is, Lisa was quick to say birds! She can now identify many of the birds by sound or sight. Her family has given her the nickname “Snow White” because all the animals are so used to seeing her and her camera, she can capture tremendous shots of them. Loving all animals comes as second nature in Lisa’s family. Her daughters can tell you everything and anything there is to know about chickens as they each have farms of their own. With the help of her girls, Lisa makes story books for all 6 of her grandchildren every year. She writes the books and uses pictures she takes of her dog and her daughters farm animals. This Christmas she is super excited to make the books with her favorite wildlife pictures she has taken on their new property in Texas.


Birds are Lisa’s favorite animals to capture for many reasons but what sticks out most is how elegant, gentle, and colorful they are. She says they make excellent subjects, and she loves trying to capture their expressions. There isn’t one season Lisa likes to photograph more than the other, she says each holds different characteristics and brings in different animals. However, during the winter she is most concerned about having a dependable feeder for the birds since food is scarcer. What started with one has now turned to 12 bird feeders, 6 hummingbird feeders and a birdbath. Out of those 12 feeders, one of them is our very own Wingscapes AutoFeeder. Lisa was very pleased with her AutoFeeder and even took many pictures of her birds feeding from it. Lisa says,

“I really like the feeder because it is sturdy, deters squirrels, and holds a large quantity which saves me the chore of refilling it every morning. We had a hard rain yesterday and the seed stayed nice and dry in the tray. This is a very well- thought- out product that addresses the common problems most bird feeders out there have.”

We are so thankful to have Lisa as one of our ambassadors for Wingscapes and most importantly consider her a great friend of ours. She is a naturally gifted photographer with an incredible eye for all wildlife. Lisa has shown us you do not need the fanciest equipment and most extensive training to capture beautiful images. We look forward to continuing to work with Lisa so please be on the lookout for more of her work on her personal page as well as ours!

Thank you for everything Lisa!

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