Zombie Fox!

October 31, 2012

Thank’s to the BirdCam 2.0’s automatic flash, not only is the beautiful gray and red fur of this night-visitng fox vividly illuminated against the darkness but its eyes - superbly adapted for seeing clearly through the blackest night and therefore highly reflective - brilliantly shine with an other-worldly glow. Read More

Time Lapse Video Shows Art Installation's Impact on Chicago Neighborhood

October 26, 2012

Artist Nick Bastis brings an education in architecture and urban planning to his work, which frequently focuses on the relationships between people and urban structures or spaces. Last fall, Bastis used a Wingscapes Timelapse PlantCam like a Timelapse ProjectCam to document a Chicago project called “Forms of Spectacle and Solutions to Vacancy.” Working with local middle-school students, he built a replica of a structure by renowned architect Frank Gehry in an empty lot to observe its impact on the neighborhood. The project earned a grant from the Andy Warhol Foundation and was featured by the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs as part of Chicago Artist’s Month in October 2010. Wingscapes was pleased to learn more about the project from Bastis. Read More

Feeding the Birds - Cooper's Hawk

October 24, 2012

Talk to any sales clerk at a backyard bird supply store long enough and you're likely to hear the story about the new customer who wanted to start feeding the birds in their backyard; so they bought a feeder and some seed, and went home happy. Read More

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