The King of the Quest

October 29, 2013

James Currie will go to great lengths in pursuit of gold. But it’s not a pot of coins that keeps him in action through exotic locales. It’s the “golden bird” starring in each episode of his television program, “Birding Adventures” Read More

Surveilling the Society of Snakes with Time Lapse Cameras

October 10, 2013

Melissa Amarello has a soft spot for an underdog, and that empathy has led her to a relatively unusual scientific exploit: she studies rattlesnakes. A graduate student at Arizona State University, Amarello is spying on Arizona black rattlesnakes as part of her doctoral dissertation work. Since her research includes liberal use of Wingscapes time lapse cameras, we asked her about it. See her many interesting photos and videos at her SocialSnakes blog. Read More

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