Positioning Your BirdCam for the Best Backyard Bird Photography

April 18, 2013

Not all birds are created equal. Some prefer keeping their feet on the ground while others rarely ever get closer to the soil that the lowest branches of their preferred tree. Naturally, this means that their feeding habits and locations are equally varied. So in order to record photos or videos of all the varieties of backyard birds visiting your home, knowing different ways to position the Wingscapes BirdCam is essential. Read More

How to Prevent Birds from Flying into Windows

April 2, 2013

Bird lovers who want to prevent birds from flying into windows don’t have to choose between enjoying activity at feeders or saving birds’ lives. Millions of birds are injured or die each year from hitting windows. Nobody wants to hear that dreaded thud — but there are proven ways to reduce the risk of such collisions or the damage that’s done when they happen. Read More

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