Go Away Bud, You're Bothering Me

May 31, 2012

Despite how this BirdCam 2.0 image from Janesville, California may appear, what is about to happen next is likely to have been little more than an exchange of unfriendly noises. While Raccoons can indeed inflict serious harm upon a cat if cornered, most raccoon - cat interactions end without any serious harm being done to either animal. Read More

Attracting Birds to Your Birdbath

May 9, 2012

Savvy bird watchers know that while many backyard visiting birds will come to a well-maintained and continually stocked feeder, just about all the birds in the area, whether regular feeder visitors or not, will make use of a bird bath filled with clean water. Adding a “jiggler” or a drip feature makes such a bird bath even more appealing. Read More

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