How Birds Got Their Latin Names

July 31, 2012

Back when old Carl von Linné - Linnaeus to his friends - came up with the idea of binomial nomenclature to help scientists sort out and describe each species they discovered, the idea was fairly simple: each creature was given a Latin genus name and a Latin species name. The genus name was shared by a number of similar species and the species name was unique to just those who could, essentially, reproduce with one another to produce fertile off-spring. Read More

Rough Customers - Young Cooper’s Hawks Hanging Out

July 25, 2012

When most of us look out our respective windows at our backyard bird baths or feeders, we generally expect to see the usual assortment of local sparrows, finches, and wrens - birds that are, if not always the most colorful, generally more or less cute, and certainly not classifiable as “lethal.” Read More

Monitoring North Carolina's Wetlands with Time Lapse Photography

July 12, 2012

If there’s water involved, Marc Seelinger may well be nearby. Seelinger is director of the Swamp School in North Carolina, where he offers classes, consulting and other resources for people with an interest in wetlands management, mitigation or restoration. He also provides services related to other environmental and construction topics. His clients include environmentalists, attorneys, contractors and government officials from places as far afield as Singapore and several West African nations. Read More

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