How to Save Money on Bird Seed Using a Wingscapes AutoFeeder

Photo courtesy of Backyard Birding

So you’ve decided to try backyard birding. Great! Birding is a fun hobby, with many benefits. It’s educational, therapeutic, entertaining, and an environmentally friendly way to conserve birds in your own yard.

But nobody warned you how expensive it could be, did they? Nothing could’ve prepared you for the amount of bird seed you’d buy or how quickly it would disappear. The birds aren’t the only critters who’ve found your endless supply of seeds. So have the squirrels, chipmunks, raccoons, deer, skunks and opossums! It’s hard to keep your feeder fully stocked when the entire ecosystem is stealing from your supply.

The average 10-pound back of bird seed costs $15; if you spring for the good stuff, it can cost even more. Your backyard friends will consume this mix very quickly if you’re using a traditional gravity feeder. In a recent poll of 125 backyard birders, 63% of people spend $50-$200+ PER MONTH on seed blends. That’s $600-$1200 per year! And that’s a very conservative estimate.

What can you do to save money and keep your birds happy? Fortunately, we’ve got some suggestions!

Without further ado, meet the Wingscapes AutoFeeder!

The Wingscapes AutoFeeder is a durable, battery-powered time-release feeder that can hold 1 gallon of any seed type. The user-friendly timer makes it easy to program the feeder to release the desired amount of food at a certain time, up to four times a day.


The Wingscapes AutoFeeder helps in 3 main ways:

1) It limits the amount of seed you are dispensing

If you’ve begun your adventure in backyard birding, you’ve probably realized something; as long as there is food at the feeder, animals will feast all day long. This habit will certainly drain your feeders as quickly as you can refill them. The average gravity feeder can be emptied overnight if all the neighborhood birds and squirrels find it! Instead of giving away all your bird seed immediately, only dispense small amounts at a time. The Wingscapes AutoFeeder allows you to set a runtime from 1 - 10 seconds to control the amount of seed dispensed. One gallon of seed can last approximately 37 - 149 days between refills. You’ll save money on seeds, and spend less time refilling your feeder!

2) You can adjust the frequency of feedings

Along with adjusting the amount of food dispensed, you should also consider how often the birds are eating. Having food accessible 24/7 is not advisable. Instead, dispense food 2-3 times per day. This will cut down on overeating! The Wingscapes AutoFeeder gives you the option to dispense seed up to 4 times each day, enough to keep the hungriest flocks fed!

3) Timing is everything

While birds will graze feeders all day long, research shows that most birds feed in the late mornings, around 10 AM and less during the evening and nighttime. Since this is the case, it is important to be sure food is available at this time. The Wingscapes AutoFeeder allows you to program custom feed times - the birds learn to come when it’s time to eat.

In summary, we think you’re going to love backyard birding. With the understanding that bird seed will be the most popular commodity in your backyard, it’s important to get the right feeder for the job. The Wingscapes Autofeeder is designed to save seed, save trips to the feeder and keep birds coming back on a regular basis. It’s the bird feeder that pays for itself and most importantly, a feeder you and family will enjoy for years to come.  

To learn more, visit the Wingscapes Autofeeder page.