Capturing Winter Birds with Your BirdCam - Photography Tips

November 29, 2013

Using your BirdCam during the winter months can result in stunning bird images and videos. Birds' plumage stands in stark contrast to the dull, monochromatic winter background. Plus, overcast skies and longer dusks and dawns offer better lighting for photography. Read More

The King of the Quest

October 29, 2013

James Currie will go to great lengths in pursuit of gold. But it’s not a pot of coins that keeps him in action through exotic locales. It’s the “golden bird” starring in each episode of his television program, “Birding Adventures” Read More

Surveilling the Society of Snakes with Time Lapse Cameras

October 10, 2013

Melissa Amarello has a soft spot for an underdog, and that empathy has led her to a relatively unusual scientific exploit: she studies rattlesnakes. A graduate student at Arizona State University, Amarello is spying on Arizona black rattlesnakes as part of her doctoral dissertation work. Since her research includes liberal use of Wingscapes time lapse cameras, we asked her about it. See her many interesting photos and videos at her SocialSnakes blog. Read More

Urban Greening on the Go

September 28, 2013

Even the most crowded city has untapped space for green areas and gardens — it just might have to be a space that moves. That’s not stopping Marco Castro Cosio, a Brooklyn, N.Y., artist and interaction designer, from exploring the value of growing plants atop buses. His Cell Motion BioBus motors around New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and sometimes farther afield bringing hands-on science education to more than 20,000 students and adults each year. The BioBus has been running as a non-profit educational venture since 2007. It also serves as a trial for Cosio’s ideas, and he’s incorporated two Wingscapes Timelapse PlantCams and a solar panel into the movable garden. Read More

David Lindquist Shares His BirdCam Tips

June 20, 2013

Avid birder David Lindquist enjoys observing bird behavior everyday at his Cary, North Carolina home. Lindquist has been bird watching for more than 17 years, both in the field and in his own backyard, which is literally a sanctuary where birds (and a few uninvited guests) enjoy a well-stocked buffet of assorted goodies year 'round. Read More

From Ponies to ProjectCam: The History of Time Lapse Photography

May 24, 2013

The history of time lapse photography owes a great deal to scientists and visual artists, but its origins can be traced to a racetrack — and the rumor of a whopping bet. Photographers still used metal or glass plates in the 1870s, when what was arguably the first time lapse photography took place. Leland Stanford, a railroad tycoon and former California governor, was enjoying his success as a gentleman owner on the horse racing circuit. Read More

The Wingscapes BirdCam Makes the Perfect Gift for Bird Lovers

May 3, 2013

If you know someone who loves backyard bird watching, surprise them with the gift that brings a new dimension to birding. The Wingscapes BirdCam has been a hit both as an observational tool for scientists and as a great way to get the whole family involved in learning about nature. High-quality gifts for bird lovers can be hard to come by, but you can be confident that the BirdCam will bring hours of enjoyment. Read More

Positioning Your BirdCam for the Best Backyard Bird Photography

April 18, 2013

Not all birds are created equal. Some prefer keeping their feet on the ground while others rarely ever get closer to the soil that the lowest branches of their preferred tree. Naturally, this means that their feeding habits and locations are equally varied. So in order to record photos or videos of all the varieties of backyard birds visiting your home, knowing different ways to position the Wingscapes BirdCam is essential. Read More

How to Prevent Birds from Flying into Windows

April 2, 2013

Bird lovers who want to prevent birds from flying into windows don’t have to choose between enjoying activity at feeders or saving birds’ lives. Millions of birds are injured or die each year from hitting windows. Nobody wants to hear that dreaded thud — but there are proven ways to reduce the risk of such collisions or the damage that’s done when they happen. Read More

Studying Sun, Spring, and Snow with Timelapse Cameras

March 31, 2013

Watching snow melt might sound as dull as the proverbial drying paint, but Danielle Perrot sparks with enthusiasm about the impact of dust and pine needles on the finer details of how and when snow turns into water. Perrot is a graduate student at the University of Colorado working at the Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research, and Wingscapes recently reached her to learn more about her research. Read More

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