About Us

It all started with an unexpected discovery. As Bart Stephens tinkered with his family’s first digital camera on a fall day in 2004, he decided to see how he might use the new gadget to enjoy one of his favorite hobbies—bird watching. He pointed the camera at an outdoor suet feeder and set it on a time lapse setting, expecting it to just capture empty frames.

The results were startling. Frame after frame was filled with beautiful photos of Red-headed, Red-bellied and Hairy Woodpeckers that Bart and his family eagerly viewed on their home computer each evening. Digital technology was enabling a type of photography that had been too difficult and expensive with film, making it possible to view birds closer than ever before.

Wingscapes began with the simple idea that innovative technology can change the way people experience backyard nature. And after thoughtful engineering and rigorous testing, we introduced the BirdCam. Its design is unique in that the BirdCam can discriminate between bird motion and bird feeder motion so the camera won’t be triggered by non-bird movement. We also paid special attention to the image quality that the BirdCam delivers, making it our goal to produce high-quality photos and videos.

Building on the success of the BirdCam and the satisfaction it has brought our customers, Wingscapes is dedicated to continuing to develop new ways for everyone to enjoy nature. Our team is committed to innovative design, quality construction and customer satisfaction. Above all, we encourage your feedback. For more information about one of our products, fill out our Contact Us page.