How to Make Your Yard a Hummingbird Hotspot

June 1, 2015

Love capturing hummingbirds with your BirdCam? offers helpful tips for making your backyard a paradise for these fascinating creatures.  Read More

All About Birds: Spring Warbler Watching

March 16, 2015

Spring is the best season for bird watching—but you won’t easily spot every bird on your list, especially the warbler. “Finding those jewels of migration, such as Blackburnian warblers, Cape May warblers, and Townsend’s warblers, usually requires getting out and birding in the field,” reveals an article from All About Brought to you by The Cornell Lab of Ornithology. All About offers five tips for finding these beautiful birds.  Read More

How Do Birds Say I Love You? Learn All About Bird Courtship

February 2, 2015

It’s February. Valentine’s Day is approaching and love is in the air. And few other animals display their passion more elaborately than the avian species. While breeding season for most birds is still a few months away, Wingscapes is getting a jumpstart on classifying the behaviors that made the term “love birds” a common expression.   Read More

5 Ways to Safeguard Birds in Winter

January 1, 2015

If you’ve been outside during a snowstorm for even a few minutes, you begin to wonder how any creature—much less a tiny bird—could survive the frigid temperatures. Luckily, they have a few tactics plus a heavy coat of feathers to help them withstand the cold. But these evolutionary adaptions don’t guarantee birds will make it through freezing months. Give your backyard birds a better chance at survival with Wingscapes’ 5 tips for safeguarding birds this winter.  Read More

Audubon Magazine: Are Fireworks Dangerous to Birds?

December 29, 2014

Celebrations are synonymous with fireworks—whether it’s New Year’s Eve, July Fourth, or the Superbowl. But these thrilling displays can prove harmful to birds. Audubon magazine discusses tragic firework-related bird incidents from around the country, including an occurrence in Arkansas when “about 5,000 red-winged blackbirds died on New Year’s Eve 2010 [after] professional-grade fireworks were illegally set off.” Read More

Birds & Blooms: How to Spot Camouflaged Birds

December 8, 2014

Camouflage is a bird’s best survival tactic. Unfortunately, it can prevent you from spotting the species you hope to see. Birds & Blooms magazine offers tips for locating birds that blend in with their backgrounds.  Read More

Birds & Blooms: Protecting Birds in the Winter Months

December 1, 2014

Winter’s freezing temperatures are dangerous for birds, but they don’t have to be deadly. Birds & Blooms magazine outlines steps for keeping birds safe during the cold weather months. Read More

Best Trail Camera Guide Reviews Moultrie

November 24, 2014

The Best Trail Camera Guide website offers unbiased reviews on some of the latest cameras from Moultrie, including the D-990i Mini Camera, A-5 Infrared Game Cam, D-333 Game Spy Camera, D-444 Game Spy Camera, D-555i Game Cam, M-880 Mini Cam, and the Panoramic 150. The comprehensive review states, “Moultrie was one of the first market movers in the business of manufacturing trail cameras. As a result of their long-time experience, Moultrie game cameras are some best cameras available on the market today... Read More

Birds & Blooms: The Social Behavior of Birds

November 24, 2014

Did you know that American crows recruit helpers to care for their offspring? Or that small songbirds gang up and attack screech owls? If bird behavior fascinates you, then Birds & Blooms magazine has an article that will peak your interest. Bird watching enthusiasts can easily distinguish social birds from solitary ones, but what explains their unique behaviors?  Read More

12 Birds of Christmas

November 20, 2014

“On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me...”   Is there a song that catalogs more birds than this beloved Christmas carol? From French hens to swans, the age-old classic, “12 Days of Christmas,” expresses a sentiment birdwatchers already hold: any opportunity for birding is the best holiday gift! In the spirit of the season, Wingscapes explores the ornithology of these well-known species (plus a few of our other favorite winter birds, too).  Read More

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