Wingscapes Extendable Shepherds Hook

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  • TAILORED TO YOUR TASTES: Adjust the pole to one of its four different heights to suit your backyard preferences
  • STABLE BASE MOUNT: Rest easy knowing that the four-pronged base secures the shepherd's hook firmly into the ground.
  • VERSATILE DISPLAY: Showcase hanging plants, bird feeders, lanterns, and more
  • BIRD FEEDING BLISS: Elevate your bird feeder to new heights, allowing you to witness the comings and goings of your avian visitors from a perfect vantage point
  • EASY ASSEMBLY: Setting up your new backyard oasis is a breeze, simply snap the poles in place to reach your desired height.
  • DIMENSIONS: Various adjustable heights include- Maximum 82 inches tall, 57 inches tall, 42 inches tall, minimum 25 inches tall


Say hello to the Wingscapes Extendable Shepherd's Hook – the ultimate tool for creating your very own backyard oasis! This thoughtfully designed shepherd's hook features a unique extendable design, offering four height options to customize and elevate the display of hanging plants, bird feeders, lanterns, or wind chimes. Supported by a stable 4-pronged base, this shepherd's hook combines both style and stability, providing a secure foundation for all your favorite outdoor items. The sturdy construction not only withstands the weight of various decor but also ensures durability in different weather conditions. With an easy installation the Extendable Shepherd's Hook is the perfect addition to completely transform your garden or patio!


  • Various Adjustable Heights:
    • 82 in. tall Maximum
    • 57 in. tall
    • 42 in. tall
    • 25 in. tall minimum

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