Wingscapes Automatic Chicken Feeder - Copper

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MSRP: $164.99

  • The Wingscapes Autofeeder is a multifunctional feeder that can be used to feed animals including wild birds, fish, and chickens.
  • Makes feeding chickens a breeze! Ideal for chicks and full-grown chickens
  • Hang anywhere: inside chicken coup, barn or other areas.
  • Holds 5 lbs. of chicken scratch (1 gallon)
  • Save Time – Automatically feeds chickens up to 4 times per day when you’re not there to feed them.
  • No Wasted Feed. You control the amount of feed dispensed by setting the number of seconds (1 to 10 seconds) for each feeding up to 4 times per day.
  • Durable Design – Mouse and squirrel proof metal lid with metal hanging bracket
  • Heavy duty UV protected plastic rain guard and feed tray stands up to any weather.
  • Runs on 4 AA Batteries (included)
  • Easy to set timer – Set up to 4 feedings per day and up to 10 seconds per feeding to dispense the right amount of feed to keep your chickens happy.
  • Easy to assemble, no tools required.
  • Dispenses feed in feed tray, or remove tray for ground feeding
  • Included In the Box: 1x Autofeeder, 1x 16-pack AA Batteries
  • 1 Year Warranty


The Automatic Chicken Feeder by Wingscapes is the hassle-free solution that makes feeding your chickens a breeze! Designed to hang in any chicken coop, it takes the work out of your feeding time. Imagine, no more worries about missed feedings or inconsistent schedules! Simply fill the feeder and set to feed up to 4 times per day. For added flexibility, remove the feed tray to drop feed directly into a pan or on the ground. No more feed waste, just happy, healthy chickens! Crafted with a weatherproof design that keeps your feed clean, dry and fresh, the automatic chicken feeder ensures your feathered friends are always well-fed. The Automatic Chicken Feeder runs on 4x AA batteries and comes included with a 16-pack of AA batteries, enough to cover 4 years of use! Say goodbye to your manual feeding routine and take control over your chickens' nutrition today. Because when it comes to happy hens, Wingscapes has you covered! 

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